• Get systemised
  • With the right tools
  • In a GDPR compliant way

Hello Expert


Yes you, the small business owner with the specialist in demand skills.

You are so busy working with clients, delivering workshops and classes, creating content, managing your team, sharing your expertise from the stage, via webinars, video and social media, business is growing …….

Sounds fantastic, congratulations!


Frustration has set in

Business growth brings unwelcome challenges……



  • Challenges that bore you
  • Challenges that don’t interest you
  • Challenges that must addressed
  • Challenges that are time consuimg
  • Challenges that stop you working in your zone of genius
Jo Brianti in a process review meeting with a client

Let me help ….


I have over 30 years commercial experience including developing business processes, project mangement and compliance

I love those pesky compliance tasks like data audits, checking privacy policies,  international data transfers cookies.

I love bringing order to businesses with documented processes that streamline operations

I hate seeing businesses selecting software tools that don’t work together or don’t suit their needs

I have worked on business transformation projects in ….

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