GDPR Services

What is it?

My GDPR and compliance consultations and training sessions help you to ensure your business is fully compliant when it comes to UK and EU data protection regulation and other compliance requirements.

I help with:

  • GDPR – UK and  EU
  • PECR – Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations
  • Website compliance – cookies, privacy policy
  • Achieving compliance to support bids and tenders


Who is it for?

Business owners like you who want the peace of mind and guarantee that your processes and policies meet key rules and regulations, so you can safely avoid investigations from HMRC, the ICO, or other regulatory bodies.  

Contrary to what a lot people believe, investigations can impact small businesses too. If an online action or penalty is applied against your company, it will create a permanent footprint. So if you want to manage and mitigate the risk of non-compliance in your business and avoid unnecessary, hefty fines, the potential for litigation, loss of business, or reputational damage, this service is for you.  

Picture this

You’ve heard about GDPR but have no idea how to make your website or your email sign-up form compliant. You tried to look online and drowned into the amount of information you found on the ICO web pages. Instructions are written in legalise, and there’s just so much information to digest that at this rate it would take you years to go through it all.

Or, even worse, maybe things have gone a bit wrong already. There’s been a data breach or you’ve been reported, or you’ve received a request for an investigation and need to provide access to your data and processes.

It’s unbelievably stressful.

It’s an actual nightmare.

But it’s not too late.

What you need is someone to tell you exactly what you need to do – what steps you can take to either avoid nasty surprises or fines or to rectify an already stressful situation.

Here’s the great news. As a qualified Data Protection Officer, I am the person to help you do that.

When to hire me

If you’re feeling stressed or confused by the lack of clarity around GDPR and other compliance requirements, I can give you the direction and information you require. Together we find out exactly what you need to, by when, and how to protect your business. 

How does it work?

After an initial discovery call where we discuss your requirements, I present you with a package, quote, and course of action. Once you’ve agreed with the proposed next steps, we book in the relevant amount of consultations, training sessions, or hours of practical help – depending on your individual requirements.

Please note that this service can also include helping you or your team set up systems or processes or training staff on how to ensure compliance.


My business is small and I don’t do email marketing. Does GDPR impact me?

If you handle data from customers who live in the UK and EU, then GDPR affects you! The size of your business doesn’t matter. And neither does the fact that you don’t have an email list. Compliance requirements still apply to you and your business. Don’t be caught unprepared!

I have software and systems I’ve been using since before GDPR came into place. How do I know if they’re compliant?

As part of my consultation, I can advise on compliance for your existing systems and tools and identify any steps required to ensure your business is fully compliant.

How much is it?

Prices for consultations or training sessions depend on your individual needs. Please get in touch for a FREE 30-minute discovery call where we can discuss your initial requirements, so I can provide you with a quote.

Where do consultations take place?

Initial Consultations and training sessions take place on Zoom or Teams at a mutually convenient time.

Upon booking and payment, we will agree a project plan to deliver the agreed next steps.

Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe CIPP/E logo

I had a GDPR consultation with Jo and it was absolutely fantastic. She spoke in a jargon free way that I understood and was very clear about what I needed to implement to be GDPR ready for my business. Wish I had spoken to her sooner instead of reading every article I could find under the sun! Highly recommend

Erin Thomas Wong

Life Friendly Business

Just wanted to recommend Jo for her helpfulness and advice. I had a quick query on GDPR between APAC and EU data transfer and wanted to know if it was an easy answer or needed more info and client input. Jo was clear, concise, prompt and knowledgable. She was able to put it the info in context and checked to make sure there had not been recent updates that would effect my precise query. Highly recommend if you need help!

Carol Medcalf

Online Business Manager, Corporate DNA Business Consulting

Data Protection Training

I offer a range of training solutions tailored to the needs of the organisation, examples include:

  • Franchisors providing induction or update training to Franchisees
  • Staff or team training on general or specific company data protection
  • Groups of solo operated businesses who need to update their knowledge

We engaged Jo from JLB to run a GDPR Webinar aimed at growing SMEs, she did a great job making a complex topic easy to understad, very knowledgeable and all of our attendees took away clear actions as result.

Stuart Davies

Head of Agency, Creative Bloomrocks

I thought it was a brilliant workshop, thank you. Where we have had GDPR training before, it has been very generalised and non-specific in terms of the industry sector but I thought your workshop was really well targeted to what we do.

Thanks again Jo, really good session and given the subject matter, you made it as painless as possible!

Claire Bennett

Director, Music Bugs