Are you looking for someone to give you unbiased, pragmatic advice you can trust that is relevant to your business and your individual needs?

Do you want to work with a Consultant to help you make informed decisions around your systems, tools, and business processes and to support you in navigating the intricate waters of compliance?

Then you’re in the right place.

I’m Jo Brianti, and I work with service-based business owners, freelancers, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to find the right tools, develop the right processes, and implement the right policies for your business.

Why I can help you

Quite simply, I see you.

I know you’re an expert at what you do. When you’re working with your clients or taking care of the nuts and bolts of your business, you’re in your element. You’re in flow. You love what you do, and you shine while doing it.

But running your own business means wearing all these other hats too. You’re not just the one delivering the service you’re passionate about. You’re also the CEO, the tech person, the one who needs to figure out what email marketing or accounting system is best for you, and so much more.

It’s overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating. You don’t know what you don’t know, right?

Which is why you need the support of an external advisor who can present you with clear options, sound information, and practical advice to help you reach the specific outcomes you’re after.

I am that person. I have 30 years’ worth of business and management experience combined being an accredited Data Protection Officer . I combine my widespread knowledge and passion for systems, tools, and processes to offer you the expertise, advice, and guidance you need to achieve results.

Jo Brianti, JLB Business Consulting
Jo Brianti, JLB Business Consulting

How I help

I don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions or cutting corners, and I love the business topics you can’t stand or simply don’t have time for.

That piece of research that’s been on your to-do list for months? That cost vs requirement analysis exercise no one in your business has the capacity or willingness to do? Or the trawling through endless documentation and guidelines to understand what policies you need for your business?

It’s what I do.

When you hire me, you receive information and advice that’s tailored to your business. I look at your specific goals, circumstances, and requirements and recommend solutions that work for you.

If you’ve ever felt confused and overwhelmed by generalised tips shared on internet forums, social media, or word-of-mouth recommendations, this stops now.

As your Management Consultant, I’ve got your back. I help you understand what you need and figure out how to get there. I break complex and confusing topics you have little interest in into practical and actionable steps you can take – with trust and confidence. In short, I enable you to make informed decisions and achieve results while avoiding potentially expensive and significant mistakes.

Who I work with

My clients are service-based business owners, freelancers, and SMEs just like you – ambitious, focused, and goal-oriented.

I know you have a clear vision for your business. You have a specific problem (or a series of them) but you don’t have the time or patience to learn about tools, system integrations, or processes. Let alone about regulations, policies, GDPR, or compliance.

It’s just not what you do.

So let me help you.

How Can I help you?


Identify, set up, and integrate the systems and tools that support your business requirements and budget.


Develop, streamline, and document processes to introduce efficiency and scalability to your business.


Ensure all aspect of your business (website, tools and documentation) are compliant with GDPR and PECR.

Work with me to

  • Achieve confidence in your data protection compliance
  • Reduce operational risks from weak processes and tech set up
  • Create the policies, processes and best practice required to support tender responses
  • Ensure your staff, outsourced team or franchisees are trained and understand their responsibilities
  • Gain client trust that your business is protecting their personal data