What are my Power Hour sessions about?


A Power Hour is perfect for you if you have any questions around GDPR or data protection, your business processes, or your system and tech. During our Zoom session, I can help you streamline your processes, identify the right tools for your business, and minimise any data protection risks.

I know all of this can be boring, complex, and overwhelming. But for me, it’s easy and fun. My career spans over IT, Business Transformation, Project Management, and Business Analysis, and I’m now a qualified Data Protection Officer.

I understand that running and growing a business can be a real challenge, especially when you have to run the show and serve your clients in the process! I know what it’s like because I have supported hundreds of business owners just like you to navigate the murky waters of compliance, processes, and tech.

And I can help you, too.

Do you need help with any of the following?

  • Scheduling tools and booking systems (including 10to8, Acuity, Calendly, and more).
  • Toolset integration and automation (API links, Zapier).
  • Email software (including Mailerlite, Active Campaign, InfusionSoft, and more).
  • CRM tools (Monday CRM, Pipedrive, Capsule, Clickup and more).
  • Developing or streamlining a process to identify automation opportunities.
  • GDPR – process or policy review, how to manage a data breach or subject access request


Who is it for?


Are you a Coach or Consultant, a freelancer, or small business owner? Are your business processes, your tech and tools, or GDPR and compliance requirements giving you a headache?

Then my Power Hour consultation sessions are the answer. I can make life easier for you by helping you select the right tech and create the right processes to ensure your business is compliant and is working at its optimum.

Picture this


It’s Monday morning, and as you sit down at your desk to check your inbox, you find an email from a client who can’t access your invoice. But that’s going to have to wait because you have a client call in half an hour, and your scheduler doesn’t seem to be connecting with Zoom properly. Plus, another client has just emailed you asking if you take payments through your website via PayPal.

How do you even start sorting this all out?

Do you need a new accounting software? Why can’t you get this one to work? What’s wrong with your scheduler? And why can’t anything seem to work together?!

Feel like pulling your hair out?

Okay, let’s stop that.

I can help.

Let’s have a Power Hour together, and I can give you the right knowledge and support to navigate any tech, process, or compliance nightmares you might be experiencing.

When to book a Power Hour


Power Hours are perfect for addressing specific questions or fixing small, contained issues. If you’ve tried asking fellow business owners for recommendations, tried Google, or attempted addressing a problem on your own without much success, I can help.

In fact, it might well be that you don’t have the time, patience, or inclination to look into this issue on your own. Truth be told, you’ve got better things to do than to get involved with this. You may not even know where to start from!

And that’s okay. That’s what I’m there for!

If you have a specific issue in your business that relates to your processes, your systems and tech, or your compliance (GDPR and other compliance requirements) and have no idea how to go about addressing it and fixing it, then a Power Hour with me will get you unstuck. I provide the knowledge and expertise, I present you with options and pros and cons, and I break down complex and confusing topics to make life easier for you. My job is to empower you to make informed decisions.

Whether you’re unsure about a system you should use, how to integrate some of your tech, how to automate your key processes, or what policies and best practices you need in place, a Power Hour can give you those answers and help you move your business forward.



What can Power Hours be about?

Anything you like, as long as it’s a specific issue or question to do with your compliance, processes, or systems and tech. It can be about finding the best CRM or email marketing system for your business. Or reviewing your privacy or cookies policy to check it meets UK GDPR requirements. I could give you guidance on how to manage a subject access request or a data breach. Or even help you design a new client onboarding process. The choice is yours. This is your chance to pick my brains and get the advice and guidance you need to find a solution to a specific problem.

How much is the Power Hour?

A 1-hour Power Hour is £175. All sessions are to be paid in advance.

What do I need to prepare?

Before the session, I’ll send you a short questionnaire to find out what you want to get out of our time together. If you’re the business owner and decision-maker in your business, I’m sure you’re 100% familiar with the challenges you’re experiencing and need a quick fix to, so please come to the session ready with any relevant information. If you’re working with a team who have specific concern around a system or process, please make sure you gather any information you might need about your business issue or bring your team member along, so we can address your questions in the most efficient way.

Where and when will be meet?

Power Hour sessions take place on Zoom at a mutually convenient time. Upon booking and payment, you’ll receive confirmation and a Zoom link for our meeting. After each sessions, you’ll be send a recording for you to keep and refer back to.

This for you if:

  • You run your business as a sole operator or have been operating under 2 years
  • You need help a specific problem, worry or issue
  • You want help to kickstart planning a bigger project

This is not for you if:

  • Your business is growing and you have a team
  • You need in depth support or have a bigger project

I was facing a number of questions about how to grow my business by automating through systems. I had some systems in place but felt I wasn’t using them properly, they didn’t integrate & I didn’t really know where to go next. Every time I asked for opinions from other entrepreneurs I was inundated by a huge range of different opinions about what to do & which system to have.    I booked a session with Jo & really valued her down to earth, pragmatic approach. She has a way of asking questions which meant she could understand exactly how I was using the systems at that time, then she helpfully explained 1-2 options without overwhelming me.    She demonstrated while we were online together how the systems worked & she was available afterwards to answer further questions.    As a result I have been clear about which systems to implement, which has saved me time, money & allowed me to concentrate on my clients. A great win of efficiency for me!    I really enjoyed working with Jo & recommend her to anybody who’s experiencing business admin or system overwhelm & doesn’t know where to go next.

Victoria Rennoldson

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