Do you run your own business? Are you a solopreneur, freelancer, SME, or small business owner?

Then I have a question for you. Is your business working at its optimum?

You see, I believe the foundation of a small business is the sum of three parts – your systems, your processes, and your compliance. These areas can be addressed independently, but the sweet spot is achieved when all three work together.

Would you like some help to choose the service that’s right for you?


JLB Business Consulting Framework

I offer a range of services to help and support business owners like you with GDPR, PECR and compliance, Process Management, and Systems and Tech.


Identify, set up, and integrate the systems and tools that support your business requirements and budget.


Develop, streamline, and document processes to introduce efficiency and scalability to your business.


Ensure all aspect of your business (website, tools and documentation) are compliant with GDPR and PECR.

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