Systems and Tech

What is it?

A consultation, series of consultations or training sessions designed to help you choose, re-evaluate, or correctly set up and integrate your business tools and systems. I can take the lengthy research process out of your hands and recommend a holistic solution based on a range of tools that integrate together to fulfil your business objectives.

Sessions can cover but are not limited to:

  • Email provider
  • Accounting software
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • CRM and email marketing tools
  • Project Management tools
  • Payment processing software
  • EBook hosting software
  • Online course and/or membership management


Who is it for?

Consultations and training sessions on system and tech are perfect for business owners like you who find themselves in the frustrating and overwhelming situation to have to run your business while wearing all the hats – the sales person, the manager, the marketing person, the tech guy, and everything else in between. Especially if you come from a corporate role in a larger organisation where different departments look after different teams, this can feel like an impossible task.

But I can help. After carefully listening to and eliciting your business requirements, I look at your business with a pair of objective eyes and make recommendation that work for you – not for businesses in different industries, markets, or niches.

Picture this

You asked for a recommendation for a piece of software or a tool, and you’ve been inundated with lots of different answers from well-meaning business owners who swear by how amazing a particular tool is. You’ve picked one – maybe based on raving reviews and price. But after spending money and resources, you’ve now realised this tool isn’t right for your business. It doesn’t integrate with what you already have (or you don’t know how to get it to), or it simply doesn’t do what you need it to do. It doesn’t meet your requirements, it doesn’t fit your processes, and your team don’t get on with it.

I know what that feels like. You’ve chosen the wrong tech, and it’s frustrating – it cost you time and money. But not all is lost. I can help you work out exactly what systems or tools you need to meet your goals. Together, we look and evaluate the options that meet your requirements and discuss the pros and cons of each, so you can make an informed decision.


When to hire me

Are you ready to invest in a tech specialist who will look at your goals and your specific business, rather than following generic advice and recommendations from other business owners? If you’ve chosen tools in the past that weren’t right for your business and didn’t meet your needs and requirements, I can help you change that. And if you’ve invested in tools that you or your team are not utilising to their full potential or designed use, together, we can turn that around.

How does it work?

After an initial discovery call where we discuss your requirements, I present you with a package, quote, and course of action. Once you’ve agreed with the proposed next steps, we book in the relevant amount of consultations, training sessions, or hours of practical help – depending on your individual requirements.

Please note this service could also include helping you and your team to set up systems and training staff.


How much is it?

Prices for consultations or training sessions depend on your individual needs. Please get in touch for a FREE 30-minute discovery call where we can discuss your initial requirements, so I can provide you with a quote.

Where do consultations take place?

Initial Consultations and training sessions take place on Zoom or Teams at a mutually convenient time.

Upon booking and payment, we will agree a project plan to deliver the agreed next steps.